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Implementing plans is the fundamental requirement of doing business. But, even the best plan doesn’t generate value, if it's not well executed. That‘s why D-PAS explicitly emphasises the implementation of commonly agreed strategies. Whether you build up new markets from scratch or you intend to expand your business further.
D-PAS offers the right service for you.

All this is hands-on, pragmatic and you benefit from the long-established industry experience of our global network experts.

And just in case you need a helping hand to expand your business offering to your customers – we offer complementing Engineering and Fulfilment services.


We execute your customer acquisition

D-PAS offers to execute your design-in activities through its well-developed industry network. It starts with a common customer selection process, tailors your customer documents to concrete RFI and RFQ cases and may include common customer visits. Our team of experts supports you with insights into industrial key players, their internal processes and decision-making behaviours, to give you a competitive edge over your business rivals.

We focus on tailored customer acquisition, resulting in a higher business win probability.

We support your growth – at mitigated risk

We are enthusiastic to develop and expand your business success. We offer full customer front-end services – from design-in work to mass production ramp-up. For example, if you intend to tackle a new market segment, or you want to expand your customer base – D-PAS offers to execute all customer front-end activities for the newly designated business areas. This enables you to scale your business and keep your financial risk under control, without jeopardising your primary business focus.

We actively support your business growth at affordable risk. 


We secure your access to new technologies

Companies tend to focus on higher revenues with larger customers, mainly due to business efficiency reasons. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, to stay at the cutting edge of innovation and obtain sustainable growth, awareness of and access to gamechanger trends are indispensable. Disruption, speed of innovation and new business concepts often emerge from smaller companies or Start Up organisations. D-PAS connects you with both, shares its own view of innovative solutions and ensures you don’t miss out on any technology trend.

We enhance your access to cutting-edge technology trends.

We perform sprint-execution services

We are well-versed in executing dedicated sprint projects for the benefit of your daily operation. We offer efficient execution support for pre-selected themes that have evolved from our global experience in technical solutions and business development challenges. This will add sustainable value to your operation. And if you identify any other business challenge – we are flexible, responsive and able to tackle it. For any sprint-project, we simplify complex business situations with our proven, pragmatic hands on working mentality and transform it into an executable reality with you.

We tackle any kind of emerging business challenge with you, to swiftly achieve sustainable results.



Individual challenges require individual service solutions – contact us without obligation.