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your Success

Based on our profound commercial and technical know-how, we validate and tailor your business idea specifically for selected markets and customers. We share our understanding of the market dynamics, highlight hidden pitfalls and how to anticipate future trend requirements early - to remain ahead of your competitors.

Through our well established global industry network, we open doors and
connect your dynamic and innovative ideas to selected key players.

And in case you have accomplished all this already on your own – we also offer pragmatic and reliable Implementation services!


We empower you for
an efficient customer acquisition

Our partnership starts with a thorough analysis of your value proposition, to evaluate your product offering. This step includes a commercial and technical deep dive to carve out your ultimate USP, select the right markets and define initial target customers. We match your solution with key customer architectures, competition solutions and OEM expectations. In parallel, we cross-check with our global network, to ensure your product meets market requirements and future demands. We also offer our support in creating the customer documents you require for successful completion of RFI and RFQ trials.

We are specialized to accompany you in your business acquisition process and to prepare you for a successful market launch.

We support
your Start-up

Promising young enterprises quite often fail on the first important steps towards a successful customer engagement. The main reasons for this are very demanding requirements from OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers embedded into complex evaluation and bidding processes. We want you to advance beyond the first round and to qualify for further negotiations. Take advantage of our support in creating the required documents to meet all RFI and RFQ prerequisites, outlining for example your familiarity regarding standards, work-processes and failure avoidance behaviors.

We are passionate about increasing your market appeal and make you a desired business partner for key market players.


7 out of 10 decisions are not based on rational, best cost/performance facts

Martin StöcklerFounder D-PAS

We prepare your
business for hidden pitfalls

Influential market players tend to base their decisions on higher strategy targets and political reasons rather than on best practice or performance. Due to our experience with OEMS and Tier 1 suppliers, we are able to prepare you for this hidden agenda. With our sound knowledge of internal processes, decision making, and extensive connections within the industry, we are able  to open minds and doors, to enhance the progress of your projects.

We strive to eliminate potential risk factors before they become a threat to your business success.​

We help to sustain
your market fitness

We support you in planning your growth development. We analyze your potential, and the organisational steps that are essential to enhance your growth. We select and recommend efficient organisation scenarios and offer a choice of scaling partners to compromise between resource efficiency, focus on core competencies and financial risk management for your sustainable growth development.

We create tailor-made strategies for you, since every customer is unique, and your challenges deserve individual solutions.​


We support
your future success

We have a very strong intuition in identifying new business opportunities. In addition, the knowledge gained from our global network empowers us to anticipate market needs, changes and threats far in advance – including political hazards or global trade conflicts. By offering a continuous dialogue regarding sustainability, we take into account any potential implications for your business and secure your long term success.

Your sustainable business set-up is our goal.​


Individual challenges require individual service solutions – contact us without obligation.