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»We treat our customers like family members, their challenges become our personal mission.«
Martin Stöckler Managing Director & Business Head



Today’s markets are driven by major disruptive technology trends. Mobility, climate change, digitization, big data, industry 4.0 – just to name a few. On top of it we are confronted by political decisions which, taken all together, have a radical impact on global business and its behaviours. Even though the challenges are huge, we at D-PAS see, first and foremost, the chances and new business opportunities these may offer. We take it personally to sustain your business success, by navigating you through unknown waters with our profound knowledge and expertise.

We help to accomplish your individual mission.


The center and foundation of our company is our outstanding team. Motivated team members are indispensable. That’s why we have a strong emphasis on sustaining a work atmosphere where people feel mutually respected, valued and supported. We believe that our positive team spirit has led to the success of our company. That’s also the way we would like to work and cooperate with our customers in our common projects.


To us, being passionate means investing our whole potential into every single project. We combine our team members’ strengths, to let your projects benefit from the best blend of D-PAS’ competencies, business experiences and personalities. It is our mission to deliver full personal dedication, team spirit, and to provide our best performance to you – because we feel responsible for your success. Become a part of our worldwide 360° business family.


Even the most challenging scenario can be transformed into a successful outcome, when passionate people with a deep understanding of business, markets and profound technical expertise work together. Our work is characterized by simplifying complex challenges and the ability to execute innovative strategies, fast and effectively. Our team of experts will accompany you through the entire execution cycle, to transfer your ideas into a successful business reality.



Increasing complexity of processes and the demand of fast adaptations to innovative trends means that companies more often need the expertise from external consulting services. D-PAS offers a unique 360° all-round service: combining Consulting, tailored Implementation support, comprehensive Engineering services and Distribution and Supply Management activities. Freely selectable as individual service modules or to be taken as a whole.

We provide an exceptional 360° Service.


Our internationally experienced team has an outstanding track record of successfully completed multibillion-dollar design-in projects. Our profound experience has resulted in a deep understanding of market behaviours and dynamics. We have developed solid business relations to OEM, Tier-1 and many other important suppliers in the industry and have established a reliable network of experts throughout the globe. This unique combination enables us to track market needs, anticipate changes and threats in advance, thus driving your innovative product ideas into the market successfully. Partnering with D-PAS, connects you to a strong and dynamic  network of experts, tackling your business challenges with passion and strong completion attitude.


Our team of engineering experts offers an extensive range of technical experience and services in industrial and automotive solutions, particularly for autonomous driving, connectivity, and industrial automation applications. Being actively engaged at the forefront of industry innovations, we can assess the value of innovative ideas against your competitors’ offerings and correlate them with potential industry applications. Our network allows us to link up with experts around the globe and evaluate its market chances globally. This is crucial for choosing the appropriate technical ecosystem, as well as for the structure of your go-to-market strategy. By connecting with D-PAS, you benefit from our cutting-edge technical know-how.



We are a team of complementarily skilled experts, who all have a long lasting experience in projecting, developing and executing industrial projects at global mid to large size industry players. We all share the passion to transform know-how to others, to accelerate innovative ideas and to avoid inefficiencies on the way to our customers’ business success.

Consulting with completion is our standard.

Managing Director and Business Head

Martin Stöckler

Martin Stöckler is the founder and Managing Director of D-PAS.
Before launching D-PAS in 2017, he was engaged as Senior Director of Sales at Renesas Electronics, Europe. Martin offers more than 20 years of global industry background. With his outstanding experience in the Automotive industry, he has been able to achieve multibillion dollar design-in track records. Martin has long-standing partnerships with automotive industry associations. He has built up an extensive global network to OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and leading technology entrepreneurs. Martin’s functional focus within D-PAS is related mainly to business and sales topics.


  • Business Development
  • Sales infrastructure set-up
  • Global Business and Sales lead
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Strategy development
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Investment planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Model innovation
  • Interim Management
  • Process optimization


  • Graduate Electrical Engineer, University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany
  • Graduate Industrial Engineer, University of Applied Sciences Bochum, Germany
Managing Director and Technology Head

Benjamin May

Benjamin May acts as Managing Director and leads the technology strategy for D-PAS.
Before he joined D-PAS, Benjamin had already gained substantial experience in automotive and mobility technologies since 2004. During this time, Benjamin was involved in various first to market developments for leading Tier-1 und OEMs, focussing on technology and relevant business aspects. Several multibillion dollar projects were successfully managed. Further, Benjamin is co-founder of leading industry standards and has filed several patents. Inside D-PAS, Benjamin´s focus is on technology strategy to support our partners and customers.


  • Technology selection
  • Market understanding
  • Operational execution
  • Product market fit
  • Investment advisory
  • Strategy development
  • Product lifecycle management


  • Master of Physics, University Greifswald, Germany
Engineering Head

Dr. Sven Fleck

Sven acts as Engineering Head for the D-PAS organization.
He has been active as a technology reviewer and consultant in the ADAS and AD domain for over 15 years, covering multiple key elements including imaging, sensor components, AI and system architecture aspects.
His OEM perspective ensures that D-PAS is continuously linked to the latest research results, conferences and standardization bodies. Within D-PAS, Sven acts as Engineering Head to identify and analyse the latest science and technology trends and translate those into a value offering for our customers.


  • > 15 years of automotive development experience (OEM perspective)
  • Automotive imaging and image quality
  • Computer vision
  • Signal processing / sensor fusion
  • Sensors and systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Deep Learning
  • Standardization bodies (IEEE P2020 co-founder, vice chair)
  • Strong link to academic and industrial conferences (AutoSens co-chair, advisor)
  • Technology consulting
  • Technology strategy development and review
  • Technology review and landscape
  • Scientific approach – speaking with data


  • PhD computer science, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Operation Head

Angelik Möhrmann

Angelik acts as Operation Head within the D-PAS organisation. Before joining D-PAS Angelik was mainly engaged in sales and supply chain related positions. Angelik offers more than 15 years of global business experience. With her long-standing expertise, she has cultivated a keen instinct in identifying business growth and cost saving opportunities. Additionally, she possesses the vital management skills to implement strategies into existing corporate structures. Angelik’s functional focus within the company relates mainly to financials and leading the operational business.


  • International Sales
  • Controlling
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain – Implementing Processes
  • Improving Quality Performance
  • Procure Material and Resources
  • Securing Compliance


  • Business Economist with key aspects in Sales, Supply and Marketing, LDT Germany
Marketing Head

Michael Hannawald

Michael acts as Marketing Head for D-PAS.
Before joining D-PAS, he was engaged as Managing Director of Renesas Electronics Europe and SVP in the Renesas Corporation. Michael, offers more than 20 years sustained experience in general management and strategic alignment of globally operating semiconductor business units, in both Automotive and Industrial markets. His strong emphasis on business development and its execution in the sales channel, combined with expertise in organisations’ process landscapes, and execution of efficiency measures in the context of post-merger integrations, make him a valuable counterpart for any kind of operational business discussion. His main focus in D-PAS is related to strategic marketing and business topics.


  • Semiconductor Market
  • General Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Development
  • Business Planning
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Go-to-Market Direction
  • Operational Execution
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Interim Management


  • Graduate in Electronic Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf


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