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A successful and efficient company can identify exactly where its core competencies are located. For example up to which level technical services are mandatory to fulfil their value proposition to customers. Taking advantage of external engineering services is one important measure, to complement it's own market offering and services, or to explore new business opportunities, while staying focussed at minimal financial risk.

D-PAS Engineering Services support this process with technical excellence and offer a sophisticated supplier network that enables you to select the right partner for your individual challenge.

And if you need support in your supply chain – D-PAS also offers Fulfilment services.


We support you to set up your technical concepts

D-PAS has deep end-to-end system architecture know-how for industrial and automotive solutions, especially for autonomous driving, connectivity and industrial automation applications. It combines hardware and software excellence with connected technologies, such as Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management. In those application areas, D-PAS provides engineering services on demand, to help set up your technical concepts and possibly extend your value offering towards your customers.

We support you with a wide range of engineering services, to steer your technical concepts. 

We help you to offer complete engineering services

D-PAS offers technical services to promote your system solution and to reach your highest customer value. But before, it is important to get traction in the R&D departments. And here user friendly development tools, corresponding and proven infrastructure and simple development processes are key for your customers. Through its global supplier network, D-PAS can offer an extensive range of services in hardware, software, application specific middleware and libraries for development support as well as customer solution promotion.
Mass production certified SW, such as complete Autosar stacks, qualified middleware and/or post-MP hard- and software tuning processes may add further value to your solution.
In case you need data analysis services, to cluster, label and document your trial run data for example for autonomous driving, or optimising your production efficiency by post-analysing your machine sensor data, we offer cloud- and data management services to let you efficiently organise, access, and make best use of your data.

We can complement your engineering offering for your customers.


We assist you to realize your development ecosystem

Preparation and support of reference boards to promote your end applications capabilities is a fundamental parameter in your go-to-market strategy. This is the most effective way to articulate your technical capabilities and showcase your performance headroom for potential future use-cases, while starting hands-on interaction with your customers. Based on our comprehensive engineering knowledge, we can support you in assessing your customers’ expectations for your development tools. Preparing an easy-to-use development eco-system is a key success factor to gain access to R&D departments. D-PAS can support you in architecting, producing and test-running such systems, to provide your customer with the very best tool-sets.

We support you to increase the acceptability of your products at your customers’ R&D departments.


Individual challenges require individual service solutions – contact us without obligation.